Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VIRGINIA VOTER STORIES: Voter Hassles On The Ground

We got two updates from Paula at AYUDA in DC and Northern Virginia. Unfortunately, it sounds like people are having some difficulties in both Alexandria and Fairfax County. Are other people getting attitude when they ask for paper ballots?

My friend just called me. She was turned away from the polls today because she had requested an absentee ballot but had decided to vote in person instead. She called Fairfax County and they told her that she should bring her absentee ballot to the poll and that she could vote in person. However, when she arrived they told her that she couldn't. She talked to an election protection person and has now travelled to the FFx Co. government center to get this taken care of.
-- Paula, AYUDA

My sister who voted in Alexandria city experienced a 1 hour line after arriving at 6:10. She said the line was shorter though for the people who arrived at 7:00am. She requested a paper ballot and was given a bit of attitude for that though, and was told that the electronic voting machines were great, etc.
-- Paula, AYUDA

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