Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW YORK VOTER TURNOUT: Lines, Lines and More Lines

The New York staff of the Center for Community Change team rolled into the office to start blogging a wee bit later than expected due to no doubt record-breaking turnout at polling places throughout New York City. I myself went to my polling spot at PS 282 in Brooklyn, NY, at about 7:30 figuring that, in my yuppie neighborhood, turnout is probably usually high so this election wouldn't be much different. How wrong I was. After an hour-plus wait, I finally got to vote (and buy my semi-annual Election Day bake sale cupcake).

I remember being in Indonesia about four years ago during an election and seeing local villagers in the most remote parts of the country riding around with banners and signs for their favorite party, active and enthusiastic about the political process. Someone I was traveling with talked about the passion with which many people in developing countries seek out information about the candidates, carefully consider the issue platforms and wade through nearly-impossible barriers to cast their votes. He said, "They don't take democracy for granted." Well, it would appear, neither do we.

Check out the photos. They're heartening.

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