Tuesday, November 4, 2008

WASHINGTON VOTER STORY: Evelyn's Story (She's 94 Years Old!)

When Washington CAN! called Evelyn Slater in our campaign to get out the vote, Evelyn said she wasn't sure whether she would vote this year. She wanted to vote, and had received her ballot in the mail. But, at 94 years old, Evelyn is losing her eyesight and couldn't read her ballot and voters pamphlet.

Evelyn had become a member of Washington CAN! in July of 2005 when we were campaigning to protect and strengthen Social Security. She's remained active in fights to make quality health care affordable for everyone. We weren't going to let failing eyesight stop her from voting.

Washington CAN! phone bank staffer, Terry Baker and Executive Director, Will Pittz, made a trip to Evelyn's home in north Seattle. They spent an hour reading out loud the voter pamphlet, while Evelyn chose what and who she would vote for. On October 21st, Evelyn voted up and down her ballot -- every race, every initiative, every ballot measure.

That's what community values is all about - making sure everyone has a voice in our democracy.

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