Tuesday, November 4, 2008

MAINE VOTER TURNOUT: Maine People's Alliance Mobilizing Voters!

Here's a quick video about how Maine People's Alliance (MPA) is getting out the vote and the values that are motivating voters this election:

Also, Andrew Dolby, from the MPA staff, sent us this update:

Here are some great pictures from the Immigrant Speakout events we organized on Saturday, November 1st in coordination with the Maine Immigrant Rights Coalition. Over 70 immigrant leaders attended events in Portland and Lewiston, Maine's cities with the highest population of immigrants and refugees. They talked about issues of community concern and got mobilized to do voter outreach in immigrant and refugee communities. Today, Election Day, we have interpreters for Somali, Acholi, and Spanish at polling places in immigrant neighborhoods to assist limited-English speaking voters. There is a lot of excitement about making sure the immigrant voice heard this year!

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