Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW YORK: Mobilizing Faith Voters in Syracuse

Check out the media coverage of grassroots voter mobilization work done by the Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse. Here's a story from WSYR TV and a video from syracuse.com:

Groups make final push to get people to the polls

Cicero, New York (WSYR-TV) - Even though polls open first thing in the morning, volunteers are still making a last-minute push to get people to the polls -- and those efforts will continue into Tuesday.

Efforts to get people to the polls are being conducted by Republican, Democrat and non-partisan groups.

Republican volunteers canvassed Cicero, drumming up support for congressional candidate Dale Sweetland.

The group is focusing on the fastest growing suburbs, because voters there could go either way.

“You'll have a lot of people who may need a reminder -- Need urging -- It's critical we're out {Monday night],” says Republican volunteer Chad Abbott.

Meantime, across town, the energy was palpable inside Democratic Headquarters, where volunteers had calls going out to voters all over the country.

Efforts will continue Tuesday, with volunteers standing on busy corners holding up campaign signs.

“Its not the polls that matter but who gets out to vote,” says Lisa Daly, of the group Syracuse for Obama. “We have tremendous support in this area, but it’s our job to make sure every last one get out and vote.”

To many, it's not about who you're voting for -- just that you vote.

ACTS, or Alliance of Communities Transforming Syracuse, has been trying to inspire potential voters for months. They'll follow through on Tuesday with more calls, door knocking and free rides to the polls.

“I'm excited. I definitely think it's one of those historic elections...something people have opportunity to make a difference and get their voice heard, make actual impact and changes in their community,” says volunteer Max Patino.

Each person working with ACTS called 1 to 200 people Monday night alone. Some weren't sure where they're supposed to vote, so ACTS will call them back in the morning -- and offer them a ride if they need it.

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