Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VIRGINIA: Update From Virginia Organizing Project Organizer

We have an update from Aisha Renee Moore with the Virginia Organizing Project in Charlottesville, VA. She's helping to drive as many voters to the poll as possible, but is finding stumbling blocks along the way:

My morning began bright and early at 5:30am as I prepared for the trek...my personal contribution to this election day. My goal. To drive as many voters to the poll as possible. I had never done this in the past (nor had I ever been as involved in a campaign) and I did not expect that in Charlottesville, Virginia (Albemarle County) there would be over 200 voters in the lines. In elections past, there have been...10...maybe! In my quest to transport one voter at 5:45am, I realized that there are some stumbling blocks that I thought would not be issues. Though some voters have their voter registration cards, they are still not sure where to vote or how. Voting district names are similar to (and in some instances the same as) poll location names. This caused me to spend over an hour with one voter. I will be sure to spread the message that we each need to check in with one another about polling locations, give encouragement to family and friends when those lines can be unbearable and ask for help at the polls if needed. Rock the vote!!

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