Tuesday, November 4, 2008

VIRGINIA: Update From The Ground In Virginia

Brian Johns with the Virginia Organizing Project reports on the huge turnout in Southwest Virginia:

We have a beautiful day for voting here in Southwest Virginia.Just wanted to report about our last bit of GOTV work. First, staff and volunteers did door knocking over the weekend all over Southwestern Virginia. We talked with a lot of first time and seldom voters who were very excited about going to the polls on Tuesday. Next, we made GOTV calls most of yesterday afternoon and evening. Today, we've got one of our VOP interns driving around the county giving rides to folks, dropping off election rights information, and making sure people know their polling locations. She's getting a great response from people, including contacting a woman who called us twice to confirm that she had everything she needed to get to the poles. This woman had never voted before and made time to get to the polls in the 45 minutes she had between dropping off her kids at daycare and going to work, which won't be done until after polls close.

Based on what we've seen and heard this looks like huge turnout in Washington County and throughout Southwest VA.

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