Tuesday, November 4, 2008

NEW MEXICO VOTER STORY: Immigrant Votes For The First Time

We got an awesome video of a first-time immigrant voter in New Mexico. Norma Moreno, an organizer with Somos Un Pueblo Unido reports:

Veronica Lozano is a first-time voter in Santa Fe, NM. Born in Califonia, but raised in Mexico, Lozano came back to the US eight years ago. Lozano said she didn't vote in the last presidential election because she didn't know how the electoral process works and she didn't ask anyone to help her. This year Somos un Pueblo Unido, a civil and immigrant rights organization in Santa Fe, NM, was able to register, and give her a ride to the Early Voting Site in the Santa Fe County Clerk's office, in Santa Fe, NM.


Caption: Veronica Lozano – Voted for the first time – Santa Fe County Clerk’s Office

Caption: Lozano supports Immigration Reform in the United States.

Camera person: “What motivated you to vote in this Presidential Election?”

Veronica: Well, for example, we as Latinos will be able to have more help.

Camera person: “What type of help do you mean?”

Veronica: For example, the ability to have documents (for immigration status). Its important because Latinos have suffered a lot over the course of many years to come here. And once they are here they have been discriminated against for not having papers.

Camera Person: “What other issues are important to your family?”

Veronica: What I like a lot is that he is promising medical insurance for all Latinos.

Camera Person: "What was your experience of the electoral process in New Mexico like?”

Veronica: At first I was nervous, but now I am happy to have participated.

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