Monday, November 3, 2008

WISCONSIN TURNOUT: High School Students Getting Out the Vote in SE Wisconsin

We've got an exciting update from Dave Moore, Communications Coordinator at Voces de la Frontera in Southeastern Wisconsin. They've organized young people to get out the vote in their communities -- it will be the country’s largest election-day initiative by high-school students.

Amid the unprecedented youth involvement in the 2008 election, students in southeast Wisconsin are going one step further. In Milwaukee and Racine over 500 high-school students will be excused from school November 4th to spend election day making certain that city residents get to the polls. The activities will be the culmination of months of determined youth efforts to maximize registrations and turnout.

Dave tells us: "These students - almost all of them too young to vote themselves - will be hitting the streets tomorrow to make certain that city residents get to the polls - delivering literature, offering rides and being very bright, lively, and visual in the process."

"I’m not old enough to vote” says Mario Gomez, junior at Marquette University High School, “but I’m old enough to help someone else in my community vote. That’s really what this is about.

Read more about the exciting work of Voces de la Frontera here:

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