Thursday, November 6, 2008


Post-election analysis by Dushaw Hockett of the Center for Community Change:

Who are the real winners of yesterday's election? Not Democrats. Not liberals. Not progressives. But the dreamers. All of us who've been shot down, shunned or told to shut up because we dare to think we can when others say we can't.

In a short amount of years, we watched an organizer become a lawyer, a lawyer become a State Senator, a State Senator become a U.S. Senator, and a U.S. Senator become the first black President of the United States.

All of this on a message of hope, dreams and change. Remember, his story was an "unlikely" one. A Seabiscuit story. Maybe an Ali (versus Liston). He was told he couldn't compete. That the odds were too big. But we pulled for him. We saw bits and pieces of ourselves in him. In return, he brought the nation (and the world) to a new high when we were all at a low.

Today we walk a little taller. Smile a little brighter. Believe a little stronger. Doubt loss. Hope won. There will be challenges and disappointments going forward. It's the human way of life. But the world is a different place this morning. It's okay to dream again.

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